I-Clean Quality Management System: Your Cleaning Solution

Step into a new era of hygiene with Advanced Cleaning Services (ACS) and our innovative I-Clean Quality Management System. We’re here to bolster your food business’s hygiene practices and compliance with our tailored cleaning solutions, ensuring seamless operations in your production environment.

I-Clean Quality Management System

Cleaning Services for Food Processing Facilities

With ACS cleaning services, we take on the responsibility of ensuring your factory meets the highest possible hygiene standards. Our professional team specialises in managing all aspects of cleanliness, ensuring your business maintains an exemplary level of sanitation.

Web-based Quality Management System

Our web-based quality management system allows for remote monitoring and managing of cleaning schedules. You can access comprehensive electronic records anytime, anywhere, from any device, offering unmatched control and flexibility.

Advanced Cleaning Schedule Technology

With advanced scanning technology, our system offers real-time monitoring of cleaning activities, ensuring no false record-keeping. The revolutionary barcode scanning ensures the completion of every task on time and with utmost efficiency.

Quality Cleaning Reports

Our in-depth quality cleaning reports provide detailed overviews of the cleanliness of your factory, offering the crucial data you need to ensure food safety and regulatory compliance.

Integrated System for Standardised Service Quality

Our I-Clean system is fully incorporated into our cleaning protocols, fleet management, and hygiene and pest control measures. This guarantees a consistently high-quality service throughout all the offerings from Advanced Cleaning Services.

Corrective Actions and Trend Analysis in Cleaning

Our corrective actions and trend analysis stages in the I-Clean process allow for proactive management of your hygiene standards by helping to identify potential issues early. This way, we can address problems before they escalate, assuring consistent cleanliness standards at your food processing facilities.
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Why Choose Advanced Cleaning Services?

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Benefit from our deep industry knowledge, guided by a qualified food technologist and industry expert who is hands-on in leading our operations. We are not just a cleaning company; we understand the nitty-gritty of the food sector.

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Our passion for customer satisfaction shines through our bespoke cleaning services. We ensure to address your specific requirements with the utmost care and attention.

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Our firm commitment to utilising state-of-the-art equipment and our I-Clean Quality Management System enables us to provide efficient and superior cleaning services. With these resources, no spot is too challenging to clean, and no stain is too stubborn to remove.

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We are experts in upholding stringent hygiene and food safety standards, and the innovative I-Clean Quality Management System is a pivotal tool in maintaining exceptional cleaning standards. Our meticulous cleaning procedures include SABS-endorsed cleaning agents and rigorous safety protocols to protect your products’ integrity and employees’ well-being.

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We deliver cleaning services that are not only reliable but also flexible. We aim to ensure seamless integration into your operations, allowing you to concentrate on your primary production objectives. With our I-Clean Quality Management System, you gain remote control over cleaning schedules and access to detailed electronic records from any location and device.

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Our integrated scanning technology manages the master cleaning schedules meticulously, eliminating any chance of false record-keeping. The system allows us to monitor the cleaning procedures in real time and ensure compliance at all process stages.

Inspection Report

Following each scan, an automated inspection report is generated. This provides an in-depth review of the cleaning routine, offering complete transparency to our clients.


Our comprehensive checklist is a guideline for our cleaning operatives, ensuring every necessary task is completed to the highest standards.

Failure Report

The failure report, derived from the preceding checklist, highlights areas that need attention. It details the root causes of failures and outlines the prompt corrective actions to address them. This ensures that all NCRs are handled efficiently and promptly, keeping your facility compliant and operational.

Top Issues

Our system diligently records and ranks the most frequent cleaning and hygiene issues, allowing us to anticipate potential problems and implement preventative measures. Each month, we summarise the most pressing issues in an understandable list, providing a snapshot of areas that require urgent attention and further analysis to determine the root cause of continuous failure.

Corrective Actions of Top Issues

After identifying top issues, our system assists in determining the root cause for the high failure rate and devising practical corrective actions to ensure ACS swiftly resolves the problem.

Trend Analysis & Area Specific Trends

Finally, the I-Clean Quality Management System analyses trends and patterns in cleaning conformance. This data-driven approach allows us to refine and improve our services continually, always aiming for peak quality and hygiene. 

I-Clean Quality Management System Process

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A quality management system like I-Clean enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of professional cleaning services. It systematically manages and improves cleaning operations, ensuring services consistently meet customer and regulatory requirements. It also aids in continuous improvement, improving hygiene standards and operational efficiencies.

Using a professional cleaning service with a quality management system provides several benefits over in-house cleaning. These include access to expert knowledge, state-of-the-art equipment, and advanced cleaning techniques.

The quality management system ensures consistent, high-quality service and provides detailed reporting. It frees your staff to focus on core responsibilities while ensuring a clean and hygienic work environment.

By using the I-Clean Quality Management System, you will benefit from transparent and efficient cleaning processes that ensure regulatory compliance and high hygiene standards. The system allows you to monitor cleaning schedules, understand failure points, and take immediate corrective actions, ensuring smooth operations.