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Our range of services and innovative approach has been specifically developed to meet the strictest hygiene standards required of manufacturing and food processing plants in the food and beverage industry.

Let our dedicated team of experts work with you to identify the best ways to meet your needs and add value to your business. 

We recognize the unique demands of ensuring a pristine environment in dry plants. Leveraging specialized knowledge and cutting-edge solutions, we are your premier choice for all dry plant cleaning requirements.
We grasp the intricacies of upholding a pristine environment in food processing plants well, with a legacy of 25 years and a dedicated team of experts, we are your foremost choice for all wet plant cleaning necessities.
Navigating high spaces with precision, our trained professionals ensure every corner shines. Trust us as your premier specialists for all high-access cleaning challenges.

At Advanced Cleaning Services, we delve deep into the spaces others hesitate to go. With meticulous attention to detail and trained expertise, we ensure even the most confined areas are spotless. Choose us for unmatched proficiency in confined space cleaning.

Our in-house iClean system sets the gold standard for food safety. With precision and rigour, we not only meet but surpass third-party audits in the food industry. Trust us for unparalleled excellence in food safety and peace of mind for your next audit.
With state-of-the-art equipment and specialized services, we ensure optimal sanitary conditions for every facility. Elevate your hygiene standards with our unparalleled expertise and solutions.
Safeguard your space against unwanted intruders. With our advanced pest control solutions and expertly trained team, we ensure an environment free from pests and the concerns they bring. Think of us as your protective shield against all pest-related challenges.
Screen with cleaning performance graphs and indicators and a phone with a vertical bar graph with site audit scores on top.


Advanced Cleaning Services has developed a fully comprehensive Quality Management System; I-Clean ensures that all services performed on-site can be tracked and monitored, ensuring that compulsory Food Safety Standards pertaining to hygiene and sanitation are met and delivered on a daily basis.

Ideal for multiplant organizations, our digitized scanning sign-off system can be placed on-site to complement the documented cleaning sign-off register. Each piece of equipment and area is labeled with a unique barcode allowing all equipment and areas to be scanned after cleaning, automatically downloading the information onto a computer for easy access, from any location.

Key I-Clean Benefits

  • Current status, time, date, and electronic signatures are recorded at the point of inspection by a single press of a button
  • Compliance with inspection schedules is easily enforced
  • No more illegible writing or transposition problems
  • Data is always credible as no records can be fabricated
  • No lost records or missing paper at the time of audits
  • Instantaneous corrective actions can be taken and routine follow-ups are easily tracked
  • Up-to-date plant status, trends, and audit data is available for management review and audit requirements
  • Evaluation of the system can be done from anywhere with a dial-up connection
  • QA managers can evaluate cleaning efficacy, PRPs, and HACCP records from any location

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