Advanced Cleaning Services specialises in the meticulous care and maintenance of confined spaces within the food processing and manufacturing industry. Recognising the unique challenges these spaces present, we are dedicated to providing thorough and safe cleaning solutions for areas like silos, tanks, and small, enclosed processing units. Our commitment lies in ensuring these critical, hard-to-reach spaces meet and exceed industry cleanliness standards, thereby supporting the integrity and efficiency of your production environment.



At Advanced Cleaning Services, we recognise the paramount importance of confined space cleaning in production areas, especially in meeting the rigorous requirements of third-party audits. Our expertly trained staff are equipped to tackle the unique challenges of cleaning confined spaces such as silos, tanks, and enclosed processing units. We utilise the safest and most effective techniques to ensure comprehensive cleanliness in these critical, hard-to-reach areas, guaranteeing your facility adheres to the highest standards of hygiene and compliance.

Our proactive approach to customer service and exemplary track record underscores our commitment to delivering customised cleaning solutions tailored to the specific needs of your facility. Choose us to ensure your production environment reflects your brand’s excellence and effortlessly meets compliance standards with our top-tier confined space cleaning services.


Understanding the distinct needs of wet and dry plants, Advanced Cleaning Services offers specialised confined space cleaning solutions for both environments. In wet plants, where moisture and residue pose unique challenges, we employ techniques and tools to ensure thorough and hygienic cleaning, preventing mould, bacteria, and contamination. Similarly, in dry plants, where dust and particulate matter are prevalent, our team focuses on meticulous dust control and removal to maintain a pristine and safe production area.

Our skilled staff are adept at navigating the complexities of confined spaces in wet and dry production environments, ensuring every inch of your facility meets and exceeds stringent cleanliness and compliance standards. Our tailored approach to confined space cleaning in diverse plant settings guarantees that your facility mirrors the quality of your products and easily passes third-party audits. Trust Advanced Cleaning Services to provide the exceptional, customised cleaning your unique plant environment demands.

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Why Choose Advanced Cleaning Services for Confined Space Cleaning?

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At Advanced Cleaning Services, we have honed our expertise in the unique demands of confined space cleaning, especially in food processing and manufacturing. Our leaders, seasoned in industrial hygiene, guide a skilled team committed to achieving excellence in the most challenging spaces.

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Our understanding of the diverse needs of wet and dry plants allows us to offer customised cleaning solutions. We tackle moisture-related issues in wet plants with advanced techniques, while in dry plants, we focus on meticulous dust control. This client-focused ethos ensures each space receives the precise care it requires.

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We employ state-of-the-art methods and machinery, including our I-Clean Quality Management System, to master the cleaning of confined spaces. Our approach ensures comprehensive cleanliness, confronting stubborn contaminants and maintaining high hygiene standards in every nook and cranny.

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Our team is not just skilled in cleaning but also in upholding stringent hygiene and safety norms. We use SABS-approved cleaning solutions and follow robust safety measures, ensuring our services meet and exceed industry cleanliness standards and comply with third-party audits.

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In confined space cleaning, safety is paramount. Our staff are extensively trained in elevated safety protocols, ensuring effective and risk-aware cleaning practices. With our proven track record, trust us to transform confined space cleaning from a risky endeavour to a routine of excellence.

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Ready to transform the cleanliness and safety of your confined spaces? At Advanced Cleaning Services, we’re experts in providing exceptional confined space cleaning designed explicitly for the unique demands of the food processing and manufacturing industry. Reach out to us now to discuss the specific requirements of your facility, and let’s collaborate to set a new standard in hygiene and safety for your critical, hard-to-reach areas.


Cleaning silos is a critical process to maintain the quality of the stored food and ensure the longevity of the silo. The process typically involves several key steps:

Preparation and Inspection: Before cleaning begins, it’s essential to empty the silo as much as possible. A thorough inspection is then conducted to assess the structure of the silo, identify entry points, and evaluate any potential safety issues.

Removal of Residual Material: Regular cleaning of silos is necessary, especially those containing consumable goods. Residual materials inside the silo, can attract insects, bugs, and promote mould growth, all of which can contaminate the stored food. This step often involves vacuuming the interior to remove residual dust and loose material.

Detailed Cleaning: After vacuuming, attention is given to the silo’s floors, flanges, and seams. These areas are prone to accumulating dust and dirt. If any dirty spaces are found, they are typically cleaned to ensure no residue remains.

Drying: One of the most critical steps in the cleaning process is ensuring that the silo is dried thoroughly after cleaning. Any dampness or moisture can lead to mould growth, which is a significant risk for contamination.

Post-Cleaning Inspection: A final inspection is conducted to ensure that the cleaning process has been thorough and that the silo is in a suitable condition for storing.

Proper sanitation in confined spaces is vital for maintaining a healthy and efficient work environment. These areas, often overlooked due to inaccessibility or being out of the regular line of sight, are crucial in ensuring workplace hygiene. Confined spaces can harbour harmful bacteria, dust, and debris in food processing plants, manufacturing facilities, and industrial settings. The accumulation of such contaminants poses a risk to employees’ health and can significantly impact the quality of the products being manufactured. 

Additionally, cleaning confined spaces plays a critical role in extending the lifespan of essential systems. When areas are neglected, they become prone to blockages and erosion, potentially leading to system failures. These failures can cause extensive downtime, necessitating significant clean-up efforts or even complete system replacements, impacting operations and profits. 

Specialised tools and expertise are another significant benefit of professional confined space cleaning services. Incorrect cleaning methods can lead to inadequate removal of contaminants and expose employees to hazardous chemicals. Professional cleaners are equipped with the necessary tools and training to perform thorough and safe cleanings, mitigating employee risks and minimising environmental impact.

Finally, adhering to health and safety compliance standards is paramount, especially in South Africa, where regulations are stringent. Industrial cleaning services are well-versed in these standards, conducting risk evaluations and implementing cleaning strategies that comply with regulatory requirements. Utilising such services ensures that facilities are clean, comply with health and safety standards, and are ready to pass official inspections confidently.