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Advanced Cleaning Services is a leading provider of specialized cleaning, pest control, and hygiene services to the food manufacturing industry in Southern Africa. The company was founded over 25 years ago with a mission to safeguard clients’ brands. Food Safety and Health and Safety are our key pillars of success. The company is the only specialized food plant cleaning service provider in South Africa with majority black female shareholders.

Why Advanced Cleaning Services?

Management team

CEO Dean Lancaster - Pioneer who created the vibrant cleaning business Advanced Cleaning Services.
Dean Lancaster studied “Food Technology and Marketing” and has been in the food industry for the past 25 years. 10 years into his career he identified a need for specialised hygiene and sanitation cleaning programs for the Food Industry and so Advanced Cleaning Services was born. Partnered by Sandra Lancaster who had extensive experience in Human Resources and Administration, together they created a vibrant family-owned and operated cleaning business. 
Fast forward 20 years and Advanced Cleaning Services has grown into a national company with over 2000 employees and is well recognized as an industry leader not only in the food processing industry but also in Retail, Flavour and Fragrance houses, Distribution Centres and Commercial cleaning.
Dean continuously ensures that emphasis is always placed on our client relationships and we pride ourselves on our ability to nurture long-term partnerships with our clients in order to help them adhere to the high industry standards in the industry. 
ACS pioneered and developed a fully comprehensive quality management scanning system that guarantees all onsite services performed can be tracked and monitored onsite or remotely. Dean has completed the AIB correspondence course on Hygiene and Sanitation and continues to ensure that ACS is always up to date with the latest Food and Hygiene Safety standards.
COO Sandra Lancaster - co-founder and shareholder of ACS overseeing administration and budgeting.
Sandra Lancaster is a co-founder and shareholder of ACS since its inception.With a strong background in administration from her time at Holiday Holdings and Conservation Corporation, she holds the crucial responsibility of overseeing the entire administration and budgeting processes of the company.
Financial director Michael Wright - shareholder at ACS, ensuring its financial stability and growth.

Michael Wright is a shareholder at ACS and manages the entire finances of the company. Prior to joining ACS full-time, Michael started and ran a successful financial firm, equipping him with a wealth of experience and expertise in the financial sector. His background in finance and his commitment to the success of ACS make him an invaluable asset to the company, ensuring its financial stability and growth.

Human resources director Felicity Khumalo - fostering a positive work environment with collaboration and improvement.

Felicity Khumalo is a seasoned Human Resources director and a shareholder at Advanced Cleaning Services (ACS). Prior to joining ACS, she successfully ran her own cleaning company, gaining invaluable industry knowledge and expertise. At ACS, Felicity is dedicated to supporting employee professional growth and well-being, creating a positive work environment that fosters collaboration, innovation, and continuous improvement. Her passion and commitment contribute significantly to the success and growth of ACS.

Salaries and admin manager Fatima Ventura - plays a pivotal role in employee satisfaction and company compliance.
Fatima Ventura serves as the Head of Payroll at ACS, overseeing payroll operations for the entire company. With her expertise in payroll management, she ensures timely and accurate compensation for all employees, playing a pivotal role in employee satisfaction and company compliance.
National technical manager Simon Ramabu with a wealth of experience in quality control and inspection.

Simon Ramabu has a strong background in the food processing industry, having previously worked as a process controller at Enterprise Foods, a red meat inspector at Polokwane beef abattoir, and a quality inspector at the HowBrands pork and beef deboning plant. With a wealth of experience in quality control and inspection, Simon is now the National Technical Manager at ACS, overseeing standards across the business to ensure the highest quality of service for all clients. His comprehensive knowledge and expertise in the industry make him a valuable asset to the ACS team.

National quality manager Alex Murindigamo - extensive experience in compliance and maintaining procedural standards.
Alex Muringamo, National Quality Manager at AdvancedCleaning Services (ACS), holds an Honours and masters degree in Economics, as well as Health & Safety and HACCPFood Safety training. With 14 years in the food industry, including a decade as ACS’s QA Manager, his robust educational background and extensive experience make him adept at ensuring ACS’s compliance and procedural standards are of the highest order.

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