Solar panels after using our solar panel cleaning service

Benefits of cleaning your solar panels for commercial properties

Businesses across South Africa and globally are increasingly turning to solar panels to power their operations, attracted by the promise of reduced energy costs, a consistent energy supply, and an overall lower carbon footprint. However, commercial solar panels come with their own set of responsibilities—chief among them ensuring the efficiency and longevity of the solar panels through professional cleaning.

Advanced Cleaning Services, a leader in specialised outsourced cleaning services for manufacturing and food processing facilities, underscores the crucial role of professional solar panel cleaning. Let’s explore the myriad of benefits of maintaining pristine solar panels to ensure optimal efficiency.

Why does your business need professional solar panel cleaning?

Investing in solar panels represents a significant financial commitment, underscored by anticipating a promising return on this investment. For stakeholders in commercial entities, particularly within the dynamic landscape of South Africa, where solar panels represent an essential asset, especially for manufacturing plants, the urgency to maximise this return cannot be overstated. It is here that the role of professional solar panel cleaning becomes not just beneficial but paramount.

The notion that solar panels are ‘self-cleaning’ or ‘maintenance-free’ due to their hydrophobic surface—a feature designed to repel water and thereby minimise mineral residue—is a partial truth.

While advantageous, this characteristic does not eliminate the need for maintenance. Rainfall, although helpful, is insufficient to cleanse the panels of all impurities. Dust, dirt, and other particulates can accumulate over time, diminishing the panels’ efficiency and energy yield.

For entities vested in the productivity of their operations, such as those in the food processing and manufacturing sectors, the clarity of their solar panels is not merely a matter of upkeep but a critical component for downstream benefits.

Eliminating Animal Waste to Preserve Solar Panel Efficiency

The strategic placement of solar panels to capture maximum sunlight inadvertently exposes them to natural detractors, one of the most impactful being animal faeces, including bird droppings and insect excrement. Contrary to common assumptions, these types of waste do not simply wash away with rain. Their persistence on the panels’ surfaces significantly impedes the passage of light to the solar cells, thereby reducing the overall energy output.

The concern is about more than immediate efficiency losses. According to insights from leading solar panel manufacturers, the accumulation of such waste can have long-term adverse effects on the panels’ ability to achieve projected performance levels.

Combatting Dust and Debris for Your Commercial Solar Panels

Dust and dirt are more than just minor nuisances regarding the functionality of solar panels; they are formidable adversaries against achieving peak solar efficiency. Left unchecked, this seemingly innocuous buildup acts as a barrier between the sun’s rays and the solar cells, significantly diminishing the system’s output. This reduction in efficiency directly undermines both the expected energy savings and the financial benefits associated with the adoption of solar energy.

Ensuring that solar panels are regularly cleansed of these elements is crucial to maintaining their performance at the anticipated levels. The task goes beyond mere aesthetic upkeep; it is a vital maintenance activity directly influencing the return on investment from solar energy infrastructure.

Leveraging Your Warranty through Regular Solar Panel Maintenance

An often overlooked aspect of solar panel ownership is the relationship between regular maintenance and warranty validation. Many solar panel manufacturers have stipulated that adherence to a consistent cleaning regimen is a prerequisite for warranty coverage. This condition underscores the importance of having a warranty and being able to fully benefit from it. Compromising the cleanliness and upkeep of your solar panels risks diminishing their efficiency and jeopardises the warranty protection you rely on.

Furthermore, failure to provide documentation of regular maintenance and cleaning can result in a denial of coverage should your panels suffer damage or malfunction. This potential void in warranty protection puts an unnecessary financial burden on businesses, underscoring the benefit of regular high-access cleaning for solar panels.

Enhancing Energy Efficiency through Pristine Solar Panels

The correlation between solar panels’ cleanliness and efficiency is direct and significant. Empirical evidence, supported by various studies, highlights that regular cleaning can lead to remarkable increases in solar efficiency—ranging from 10 to 30%. This stark improvement underscores the value of incorporating professional cleaning into the maintenance regimen of solar panels.

The takeaway is clear. To maximise both the operational lifespan and the efficiency of solar panels, regular cleaning is not just beneficial—it’s essential. This practice ensures that solar panels can perform at their optimal capacity, free from the impediments of accumulated debris.

The Insufficiency of Rain for Solar Panel Cleanliness

Drawing a parallel from everyday life, consider the windshield of a car. Regular cleaning is essential for clear visibility, and neglecting this task, even for a few months, results in a significant accumulation of grime and dust. This analogy extends aptly to solar panels. Despite a common misconception, rainwater does not adequately clean solar panels. Similar to a car windshield, solar panels exposed to the elements without regular cleaning will suffer from a buildup of dirt and dust, leading to a noticeable decrease in efficiency.

The misconception that rain cleans solar panels is debunked when we consider the nature of rainwater itself. Rain can carry airborne dust particles that, upon evaporation, leave behind a residue on the panels. This residue forms a film that impedes light penetration, crucial for solar energy production. Just as windshield wipers cannot effectively remove all grime from a car’s glass, rain cannot thoroughly cleanse solar panels.


Maintaining the efficiency and extending the lifespan of your solar panels is crucial for maximising your solar investment. Advanced Cleaning Services stands ready to partner with you, offering premier high-access cleaning services tailored for commercial solar panel cleaning. Our expertise enhances your panels’ performance and ensures they meet and exceed expected energy outputs.

For expert solar panel maintenance that safeguards your investment and supports sustainable business operations, contact us. Let’s work together to harness the full potential of your solar energy system, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.